Basic Kelly Criterion Formula

After 17 consecutive betting sets, you would have an expected bankroll of $1,205 and a median bankroll of $1,098, according to the Kelly Criterion bet cal. It’s important to note that the Kelly Criterion isn’t a guaranteed method to make money and win bets, however, it has become one of the world’s most well-known betting strategies. If your estimates are inaccurate, then using the formula will lead to incorrect stake size recommendations and an inefficient use of your betting bank. The Kelly criterion is a mathematical formula that determines the optimal size of a bet. It relies on the principles of probability theory to maximize the expected value.

I have therefore use your formula, but use a WEIGHTED potential profit vs weighted potential loss. In my The With the Spreadsheets view, the formula is consistent with the value investing concept of a margin of safety and leads to concentrated portfolios in which the dominant ideas have the greatest edge and smallest downside. The Sharpe ratio is used to help investors understand the return of an investment compared to its risk.

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It would appear, then, that reducing the risks by halving Kelly stakes is a price worth paying. In this new simulation, this result was replicated within the bounds of chance. The full set of probabilities is shown in the table below. Numerous sources suggest that by halving the Kelly stake sizes the bettor can significantly reduce the volatility in the evolution of the bankroll yet maintain most of the expected returns.

Interpreting The Kelly Percentage

For example, it won’t pick the proper winning stocks, and it can’t predict black swan events that lead to sudden market crashes. You can get access to your past trades through your statement from your broker. Or, if you’re an advanced trader with a developed trading system you could simply run a back test on that system and use the results. Whatever method you use it’s important to understand that the Kelly Criterion assumes you continue trading in the same way you have in the past. If you change your trading system in any way it invalidates your Kelly Criterion results.

Proportional Staking Variant: Kelly Criterion

If you can always do this and always know the exact probability of an outcome, your cash flow will increase in the long run. However, if you use the Kelly criterion properly, you will make a profit when wagering. Unfortunately, in the real world, all bookmakers work with edges and this complicates determining the likelihood of an outcome from its odds. When you are not completely sure about the likelihood of an outcome, it’s more difficult to use the Kelly criterion.

To simplify the math, we assume that the money is infinitely divisible. However, it should be noted that this limitation doesn’t really matter too much when our capital is relatively large compared to the minimum divisible unit (think millions vs. cents). The Kelly criterion is maximally aggressive — it seeks to increase capital at the maximum rate possible. Professional gamblers typically take a less aggressive approach, and generally will not bet more than about 2.5% of their bankroll on any wager. Most bettors apply a factor to the Kelly calculator to take advantage of the theory’s betting advice while limiting risk.

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And you generally never go full-Kelly unless you’re a total madman and you’re burning down the boats. The general rule is that you want to bet between .3 Kelly and .5 Kelly. So you can see the implications of that—Exactly, Kyle. I was gonna say, “Never go fully Kelly.” But didn’t want to go there. If you bet the .3 Kelly, you are getting 50% of the upside, but with only 10% of the variance. So this is like, you should be betting at least this much.

The Kelly Criterion For Horse Racing

MintDice also knows their precise investor bankroll which currently sits around 400 BTC or $4,000,000 at the time of writing. Finally, MintDice operates at a 1x Kelly Criterion schedule. Given all these pieces of information, the maximum win, specifically on BitRocket, is $40,000 per game. Interesting, if you’ll note, is that if a user were to win $40,000, the bankroll would then draw down to $3,960,000, making the new highest bet only $39,600. This self adjusting system protects MintDice and it’s investors from ever going bankrupt and also maximizes returns when it is winning.