About Founder
Mr. Avinash Sukunde
International European Accreditation Forum (IEAF)
Mr Avinash holds a doctorate in Human Rights from Siberia. He devoted his two decades to Social work, Accreditations and Certification Process across all verticals of Businesses.
He has been recognized and awarded by many National and International Organisations for his outstanding effort towards in these domains.
During this tenure, he raised many organizations for community development like “World Wide Global Peace Council”, “International Human Rights Ambassador Organization, “International UN Medial Bar Research Council”, “Shiv Buddha Peace and Ayurveda University” and Icon Ambassador Book of World Records.
His visionary approach has benefited many organizations across the globe.
His immense contribution to global development has set up a benchmark for many aspiring businesses.
When it comes to accreditation, certifications, and training programs, International European Accreditation Forum (IEAF) is a leading and independent organization meant to accommodate requirements across all industries and educational institutions.
Within any business within any industry, there is one very important aspect that before a client makes the decision to buy any service – is this company or organization is accredited or not? And the preference of a potential client goes to the accredited one. Hence accredited businesses are always being preferred.
Nowadays it has become paramount for all industries to be accredited to expand their business. Thus Accreditation is a symbol of excellence recognized worldwide. It is the process of evaluating competence.
International European Accreditation Forum (IEAF) is a committed partner in evaluating your processes and competency and awarding the right accreditations or certifications.
We have a panel of experts and professionals committed to work with your organization in the evaluation process and ensure the seamless journey of Accreditation and Certification process.
We follow the international official standards and becomes your organization’s mentor and guide to achieve desired objectives.
We collaborate with you to support, advice and guide throughout the journey of this accreditation and certification process.
The purpose of accreditation is to assess an organization’s competence and ensure that recognized industry standards are being met. We can provide you with quality service that has been tested, inspected, and approved with the assurance of conformity with international standards across all business verticals.

Our Mission

“Accrediting the ambitious organizations to unlock the businesses potential through our expertise support, thus demonstrating organizational capabilities, competencies and commitment at the national and international level, an imperative for business expansion and growth. “

Our Vision

“Making International European Accreditation Forum (IEAF) one of the preferred accreditation partner across the business verticals to meet their business objectives through building up brand and loyalty through the right Certifications and Accreditations – A paramount for high quality and standards in this competitive world.”

Our Values

“Nurturing a cohesive, transparent, fair and ethical accreditation or certification process and supporting the organizations throughout the journey with best our expertise, mentorship, and support to meet the required international standards with conformity at its excellence.

Our Working Methodology

Commitment | Consistency | Capabilities
We are committed to understand your business objectives and consistently work to achieve the same, thus assisting you to demonstrate your capabilities among the target audience, to build up brand and business through right certifications and accreditations.