azure cloud engineer salary

Despite its name, this certification isn’t meant only for those who do DevOps. The whole point of DevOps is that it overlaps with many different parts of the business. That’s why the DevOps Engineer Expert is such a valuable certificate for a cloud engineer. As you learn what tools Microsoft Azure has for designing continuous integration and delivery, you’ll learn how you can revolutionize your company’s use of networks, storage and compute resources.

azure cloud engineer salary

Assist with the implementation of the global cloud enablement program, including provisioning of cloud.. Implement dynamically scalable and highly available services on Azure GCP and deploy production systems.. Cloud technologies like Azure are evolving at a rapid clip, outpacing the average rate of growth in the IT sector as a whole. Comparing Azure developer salaries across countries in various continents, we noticed quite a sizable contrast in the salary from one region to the next.

Cloud Engineer Salary by Years of Experience

So it’s no surprise that job postings around cloud are numerous and the pay is plentiful. Because cloud computing is such a diverse field, obtaining a thorough understanding of the abilities listed above can help you become a good cloud engineer. Each certification focuses on a certain aspect of cloud computing. The best approach to figuring out what you’re capable of is to look at cloud engineer salaries in India by job title. So, it can be said that Cloud engineers have a bright future if they can perform their roles to their best abilities and can fulfill the tasks that a company expects a Cloud engineer to do. There is a surge in demand for Cloud engineers in this ever-growing technological world.

  • There’s a lot of potential for growth in this field, and you can earn a good living doing something you love.
  • The whole point of DevOps is that it overlaps with many different parts of the business.
  • The average salary of a SysOps engineer is USD 88,210 per annum with a minimum experience of 4 to 5 years.
  • It allows you to set up a virtual office, connecting to your company from any location.
  • The Cloud+ might not be one of the more advanced certifications a cloud engineer could earn, but it’s certainly one of the most trusted.
  • The philosophy behind the Cloud+ is that a cloud professional should be a jack of all trades — and a master of many too.
  • The numbers are pretty in line with recent reports of salaries from various sources.

Let’s take a look at how much each of these cloud engineers makes on average. There are various popular job profiles in cloud-related disciplines, including Solutions Architect, SysOps Engineer, and DevOps Engineer. Cloud engineers with recognised certifications from cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP are granted these titles. According to Indeed’s January 2020 study, the average annual income of a cloud engineer in India is around 7.5-8 lakh rupees.

Is cloud engineering a viable career path?

If you are a pro, certifications can help you identify and build on your strengths, and can lead to promotions and higher compensation. Many cloud engineers lead IT teams in a company that’s in an entirely different industry. And the industry you choose to work in matters for your long-term career path. Some industries have lots of cash and are eager to expand their cloud footprint, while others are working with old equipment and processes.

How long does it take to become an Azure cloud engineer?

It takes most people at least four years to become a cloud engineer. However, attending a four-year degree program is not the only way to launch a career in cloud computing.

As of June 3, 2022, the average annual cloud engineer salary in the US is $121,205, with a $10,500 annual bonus. According to IDC, almost half of ‘IT spend’ will be cloud-based by 2019. By 2020, the spending will be 60-70% inclusive of all software, services and technology.

Companies That Hire Cloud Engineers

A senior Cloud engineer’s salary at Accenture is USD 1,51,692 per annum. Accenture is a renowned IT company and pays well to its Cloud engineers. If you wish to take your cloud learning experience to the next level then can try out JanBask’s Cloud Computing Course.

azure cloud engineer salary

The first thing you might notice looking at that chart is that five of the top ten highest-paying cloud engineer average salaries come out of California. And five of the 10 lowest-paying states for cloud engineers are low-population, low-density states like South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee and Kansas. The biggest takeaway for cloud engineers looking for more pay might be that you may have to move to find them. In searching for information about cloud engineer salaries, we’ve scoured the internet. We pulled data from job postings, we got access to salary information for current cloud engineers, and we made use of professional job networking sites.

Cloud engineers can expect to see a salary increase as they gain experience. A cloud engineer is an IT professional who creates and maintains cloud infrastructure. It hardly matters what you need to accomplish in cloud computing, AWS almost certainly does it. In fact, the fact that AWS has a service offering for well over 175 cloud storage, compute, database, analytics, networking, mobile, dev tools, security solutions is its hallmark.

  • Cloud engineers are in high demand as more and more companies move their data storage to the cloud.
  • If you have greater skills and deep knowledge about the discipline then you are likely to get paid higher than the other Cloud engineers who do not possess the relevant skill set.
  • This position will work closely with the development teams, DevOps Engineers and other IT Operations..
  • Adding some skills and cloud training courses to your resume can help you get an edge during your interviews.
  • The salaries listed are based on salaries or salary ranges reported by corporations when hiring foreign workers, revealing what these top employers pay for top talent.
  • You can also find multiple documentation available if you are an autodidact.
  • So keep your nose down, learn what your peers are learning, and carve out a cloud engineering niche for yourself.

Cloud engineers are in high demand as more and more companies move their data storage to the cloud. Despite SaaS offerings from the biggest cloud computing suppliers, many firms still require in-house cloud computing experts to operate their cloud infrastructures. Job opportunities are increasing on both the vendor and client sides of the business. Cloud computing is a fascinating and dynamic topic that is currently experiencing high demand worldwide.

How Much Does AWS, Google, And Microsoft Pay Cloud Engineers

Several companies also prefer a master’s degree in computer science or engineering for having a Cloud engineer. A Cloud engineer who possesses some or all of these skill sets may get an average salary of USD 60,000-90,000 per annum, which is likely to go up with experience. However, the amount of the salary varies from company to company. A Cloud network engineer gets paid a salary of USD 1,14,130 per annum.

Developing cloud-working skills can help you carve out a rewarding career by assisting firms in staying on the cutting edge of technological innovation. The salaries listed are based on salaries or salary ranges reported by corporations when hiring foreign workers, revealing what these top employers pay for top talent. The exponential growth of cloud computing in recent years and the accompanying surge in Cloud Engineers have been nothing short of amazing. As a result, it’s unavoidable that the role of Cloud Engineer continues to grow in importance among employers. Achieve business and engineering buy in, and support execution toward the target architecture across the..

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