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Another major benefit of PrecisionHawk is its ability to create 3D models from the data, making it easy to visualize what a site will look like before you even get there. As long as your files are in DNG, JPEG, TIFF, or any other industry-standard format, then they will be processed with ease. The packages which are more affordable require additional work on your part, such as stitching images together or manually creating ground control points .

Drone Software Solutions

Generate, transmit and deliver energy to customers in an environment built on safety. I received great customer service from the specialists who helped me. Improve your annual budgeting process with automated condition assessments. The floating-license option is unique to the Agisoft Photoscan Pro version. This license basically allows 1 program to run on multiple devices via a central host system.

As Raptor Maps does not require or use orthomosaics to assess photovoltaic systems their data requirements are around 80-90% fewer images than other services! Raptor Maps states that their customers are completing solar farm inspections up to 4X faster than competing systems that require orthomosaics. Maximum of 99 waypoints which can be limiting for some professional users. Some users say the software is not that polished and occasionally glitchy. Not Ideal for Beginners—The only noticeable weakness of the product is it’s feature-rich interface is aimed at seasoned and experienced users and could take some training for new users to feel comfortable with. But Propeller does provides 24/7 customer support to lessen the learning curve.


It means that the presence of a person in a plane is not acceptable. Thanks to this version of “drone” the unmanned aircraft models have been improving by the military. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine everyday life without significant technical interference. And, as you might have known, the majority of high-tech gadgets available for civilians were adopted from the military industry. In particular, drones and their unique software that is essential for operating flying machines. Here you will find out more about these gadgets and why the ones made by Axonim company are highly valued by users.

Fully automated precise indoor navigation, using a range of inertial and visual sensors, with proprietary algorithms, optimised for large-scale deployment at low-cost. AI/ML and vision algorithms for object detection/counting, code-scanning and collision avoidance. Integrate fleet of autonomous indoor drones with business applications for inventory management, inspections and audits. FlytBase has been designed to completely isolate the developers from hardware.

Drone Software Solutions

PhotoScan from AgiSoft is a software package that takes advantage of photogrammetry technology to stitch together your drone images into a complete map. This type of 3D data processing has been around for decades, but it has only recently become popular in the commercial drone mapping industry. Our Agricultural Drone empowers sensors and programming survey and screen the health of agricultural resources remotely. Our Platform is integrated with advanced AI algorithms that play a crucial role in automating the response to data from the UAVs for the precision agriculture.

Skydio Cloud

You can also grab the opportunity to do a free trial of the various Pix4D applications. Pix4D offers free trials for some of the more popular products, the most notable of which for drone mapping is the Pix4Dmapper for data processing and PiX4Dcatch for ground-based drone software development LiDAR surveys. Pix4Dcapture is an app that allows you to plan and control drone flight using a mobile device, much like DJI GS Pro. It is very easy to use and even provides a way to review the quality of the captured images even while you are still on site.

Drone Software Solutions

Plenty of training material and a certification course are available. One of their major strengths is their app store which allows 3rd parties to interface with the collected aerial imagery and generate their own datasets. AeroPoint smart ground control—Propeller Aero features patented smart ground control called AeroPoints, which is also the world’s first ground control point system tailor-made for drone surveying. AeroPoints are highly durable and can keep gathering data easily in extreme environmental conditions.

In addition, the unit should have a power source, that is usually, quite heavy. However, modern technologies allow gadgets to be powered by solar energy, so drones are no exception. The main advantage of this power source is it is lightness but it requires a bigger area for installment. Solve complex problems at scale with detail and ease that’s never been seen before. The US Certified drone you simply turn on and go, with stability that is unmatched in the industry. FlytNow Solution is compatible with all major drones such as DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4.

The drone software platform built for government customers

The reason is that each rotor can adjust the speed and angle of rotating individually. Moreover, each of them comes with 2 motors that allow them to rotate in 2 directions. Just to be short, people gave more cryptic name to an unmanned flying machine – “drone” that sounds quite familiar for you, doesn’t it? In fact, this device has more complicated official name “unmanned aerial vehicle ” so that civilians who are not tightly related to all those technical stuff won’t perceive it at all. Video processing on the UAV without transferring it to the ground station – stabilization, capture, tracking, synthesis of conventional and thermal imaging.

Drone Software Solutions

Control and manage a hybrid & distributed fleet of drones and docking stations, different makes and models located in different regions, all from a single cloud-connected dashboard. Our products works with customers to help them with automated drone software solutions. With DroneSense, fly every mission with a consistent flight control interface and enable automatic flight logging and remote live streaming. Support all of your aircraft, controllers, and equipment in your program with one centralized software application. Simplify your drone operations and pilot training by using one flight control app for the many different types of drones in your fleet.

Law Enforcement & Police Drones

Nowadays, Geographic Information System is required almost in each industry, and not only for construction and mining but, for example, for the Real Estate market, too. Indeed, drones with aerial mapping software is a valuable tool for every RE agent that wants to help customers to realize that particular property is ideal for them. This type is mainly used for monitoring inaccessible territories, especially, hazardous ones in order to find a source of pollution, to estimate the land conditions, etc. These gadgets are absolutely autonomous and have pre-installed drone surveying software and drone data processing software that allows it to analyze and send data and imagery to specialists. Hardware-software solutions for drones, UAV, UAS. Examples of solutions for drones are given below. When you’re looking for the best drone mapping software package to use, there is no shortage of options available.

  • The usage of high-end aerial imagery and sensor technology facilitate to detect the issues related to the irrigation activities, soil differences.
  • We believe unmanned and autonomous technology will transform our lives and the way we do business.
  • Further, internationally, Thales is providing UAS traffic management for organizations such as the French air traffic management organization, Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne.
  • Clustering of data by types simplifies the inspection process and translates them into actionable business insights.
  • Although they are one of the more expensive options on this list, they do appear to have a solid featureset and the support to back it up.

In as little as 3 – 5 minutes you can have a map with centimeter-level accuracy that’s ready to use. From structural fires, arson investigations and damage assessments to forest fires and search and rescue, drones can provide decisive information to protect people and property. All images and video are automatically uploaded and stored in our secure cloud platform, available to review and share. Get expert eyes on scene with the ability to operate and view drone video remotely over a secure internet connection.

Luckily, there are a handful of drone mapping software packages on the market that can help with drone data processing and conversion. With the existing avionics pedigree of Thales, we provide a broad range of technical solutions for drone manufacturers and drone operators to support ever increasingly challenging drone operations, at scale. We focus on developing solutions, which ensure operations are not only safe, but compliant with existing legislation. With both national and international regulations in mind, our products support the risk assessment methodology for all commercial drone applications like drone surveillance, delivery and many others.

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We implement the latest Indoor Positioning System technologies use for indoor navigation of drones into our software development. Our engineering of 3D positioning systems enables germicidal C-band ultraviolet drone navigation. Our indoor drone software provides disinfectant and sanitation software solutions used by hospitals, public transportation, schools and more. Our agriculture mapping software turns data into live comparable aerial maps and enables reverse logic georeferencing and orthomosaic stitching software. Farmers can retrieve and store digital images for analysis and reporting using cloud based technologies to manage insects, disease and weeds on terrain. SimActive offers image processing and mapping from any platform, whether it is a drone, plane or satellite.

Indian drone makers home in on foreign markets with global pacts Mint – Mint

Indian drone makers home in on foreign markets with global pacts Mint.

Posted: Thu, 10 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

SMEs can see the live status of the fleet, analyze real-time video feed from the drone cameras, access device status, battery and charging data, and make use of advanced drone battery features. DroneDeploy is the leading drone data solution trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide. From drone fleet management to data analysis, we have your back every step of the way. Harness the power of aerial intelligence to cut unnecessary staffing hours and shave money off the budget. Our advanced technology equips you with a powerful drone solution, simplifying your workflow and streamlining your processes. Our team of experts is there to answer your toughest questions via chat, phone, or email.

Chula Vista PD is leading the way for police drone programs

We modify O/S flight based drone show software with drone swarm simulation programming and controllers for apps and o/s software. Orchestrate and control fleets of drones and robots from different vendors. Deployments can be on the cloud, on-premises, or on the edge, dynamically offloading data via 5G to achieve optimal performance.

A good architecture design could help save a lot of precious time and effort, that would otherwise be wasted in iterations. Ready widgets, templates, and easy integration with airspace management, payload data, and variety of other plugins, help developers build specialised dashboards in days, and not weeks. Custom branding can be added to regular FlytLIVE dashboard for quick personalisation.

vHive Enterprise Drone Software Solution

We are passionate about drones and the perspective they offer of our world. We believe unmanned and autonomous technology will transform our lives and the way we do business. Integrate drones into business workflows and manage fleet operations. FAA LAANC is natively integrated for real-time airspace authorizations. UAS Service Supplier supports UAS fleet operations and is interconnected with FAA / ANSP systems, Supplemental Data Service Providers , and other USSs. Avision Flight Platform offers fleet operations and airspace management services to commercial and government stakeholders.

Enforces regulations, drones complete tasks without needing to put employees in danger.

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