bijay135 gitlab-aws-magento2-deploy: Gitlab CI CD pipeline with aws integration for magento 2 deployment

You have full access to all branches through the Project Web Interface
and the CLI commands. Like jenkins is automation server, SonarQube for code code quality we can integrate this thing with normal git or any versioning control tool. Join us as Max Pronko shares his insights on creating a build-to-deploy pipeline for Magento 2 projects. He is about to delve deeper into creating a Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration environment for deploying Magento 2 codes through AWS.

magento ci/cd pipeline

The widely utilized Azure DevOps pipeline service has benefited numerous enterprises. Azure DevOps integrates deeply with commercial and open-source solutions. Since it is an open-source platform, it has emerged as a leading option. There are hundreds of extensions in the marketplace, so a tool probably exists even if Azure developers don’t now support anything. It’s essential to test your CI/CD pipeline to ensure it functions as expected. You can create a test case by making a small change to your Shopify theme, pushing the change to your GitLab repository, and watching as your pipeline automatically kicks into gear.

Amazon Web Services Utilized

Thus, CI/CD is a continuous process which includes development, testing, and delivery of source code. Having worked with Magento 1 for a long time it was easy to deploy it. Even violating Continuous Delivery best practices, it was very, very simple. You could immediately see the result e.g. if migration was broken.

After signing up for Envoyer, you should add a project to your account. Note that any files/folders that need to persist across releases need to exist at the root level and need to be symlinked into each release. Besides, to work properly you’ll need to set up the document root on your server to point to this “current” folder which will always reference the latest version of your codebase.

Configure repository and user for deployment

The tool initiates in place deployments via a simple interface. With its cutting-edge technology, the deployments are executed with high speed. Zero downtime deployment is a deployment method where the Magento website is never down or unstable during the deployment process. MGT Code Deploy offers zero downtime and enables the deployment of multiple AWS instances simultaneously.

How successfully a corporation employs technology can be used to gauge performance? With the Azure DevOps platform, a business can get everything it needs in a single integrated solution, including continuous monitoring, integration, and testing. These pipelines aid in automating the procedures that programmers use to write and distribute code to various platforms.

Configure this repository for gitlab

Either way, git push (merge) to master branch should result only in one thing – putting those changes live. CircleCI is something we’re going to use for exactly that – deployment. Thankfully, with tools like Capistrano-Magento2 you can automate the deployments via a single command. By automating this process, developers are no longer dependent on a gatekeeper during their development lifecycle, and code does not have to be manually pushed.

  • I have searched throughout but could not find a good solution.
  • The documentation for all the project layers (infrastructure, application, third-party services, CI/CD, security policies, disaster recovery) was delivered to the client by the release date.
  • Other benefits include unlimited deployments and team members.
  • Magento Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of the Magento e-Commerce platform.
  • The first thing to do will be to create the SSH keys on the Cloudways server and to add them to GitLab.

Before deployment, I will put the initial .env file also into the private_html and will link the app directory to it. Note that @servers contains the Cloudways server details, @setup sets up the environment by defining some variables, @story is a collection of tasks, which is followed by definitions of the actual tasks. – naturally, I will replace the username and repo-name with the actual details of my GitLab repository. Having done this, the Laravel application will now be visible on GitLab. –  public_html is the directory where the application code will live, with public_html/public/index.php as the entry script.

Configure gitlab server

You get a dashboard that displays many application performance and security paramters. A control panel allows application level control – from deciding which IPs, countries, BOTs to block to Magento indexing, cache management at the URL level and inbuilt CI/CD pipeline for your eCommerce. Below is a working .gitlab-ci.yml which deploys your magento2 code to the server running on AWS.

magento ci/cd pipeline

Without further ado, I will jump into the project – setting up Continuous Deployment to Cloudways server with GitLab CI/CD. Variables in GitLab are named values that affect how specific jobs are run. Environment variables mean they are a part of the environment in which the job is executed.

Deployment process in action

This process presumes an extensive setup of automated tests (including unit, integration, and acceptance tests. Continuous Deployment is a streamlined development cycle of shipping code changes to production automatically, in small batches, after they pass automated tests. Yes, the deployment tool is a fully managed solution, and we offer 24/7 support for our clients. The deployment package is shipped to instances connected to the environment. The instances show the latest version after the switch, and the “after deployment commands” are executed.

magento ci/cd pipeline

Write the url you want to trigger when someone pushes the code into git. If one of the stage is failed, the Jenkins job will be stopped. Then got to Build Triggers and select ci cd monitoring Trigger builds remotely. Romexsoft is an AWS-certified Consulting Partner, a trusted Software Development Company, and a Managed Service Provider founded in 2004.

Magento Master Virtual Series #10

But in this tutorial, I will set up automated testing & deployment pipeline which will test my code and push it to the server automatically on every commit. Automate the Magento deployments across the development, test, and production environments. MGT Code Deploy scales with the infrastructure to deploy to one or thousands of instances.

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